ABC-Islands – Curacao

The pilot to the ABC Islands we used was one of the Gotto Go Cruising Guides; “The ABC Islands” written by D. Waterson & D. van der Reyden (ours was an old edition). Another possibility is using “A guide to the ABC islands” from Frank Vigentino; this is a free download on


The island Curaçao has severel anchorages from east to west at the south side, as the ABC-pilot will show. Nevertheless most cruisers are anchored in Spaanse Water. A very safe and enjoyable anchorage.

Spaanse Water anchorage: 12° 04′.835 N 68° 51′.743W
When you enter Curacao waters, anchor in Spaanse Water flying the Q-flag. The next day you do the check-in at Customs & Immigration. That’s the easy and official way.
Spaanse Water is divided in several sectors where you are allowed to anchor. A and B are separated by a fare way, which should be free at all times. VHF hailing channel is 72, with a cruisers net 6 days a week at 8 a.m.

For more and specifice information and pictures about the anchoring areas, see the Facebook page; Curaçao Cruisers Information. This is a cloosed group but join them and you will have acces to all the important information. In the file section Documents, or follow this link and you will go directly to the Pdf file. In the Pdf file is all the important information you like to know; for example, where to find Costums & Immigration and where to obtain the anchor permit (Naf 10,=) and many other things. To repeat it here is useless for its too much.
The information below is our experience during the time we have been in Curacao.

We were anchored at the above coordinates which is in sector A, the nearest to the dinghy dock at the fishermans harbour. The holding was excelent in mud, but be aware that some places have grass where the holding is not that good. Zeezwaluw was anchored in + 6m with 35m of chain in the water. Have a swim to be certain where your anchor is. The winds are commonly from the E between 15-20kn. In the afternoon the wind picks up but dies at sunset again. Ocasionally a reversed wind will turn you 180°, so anchor a safe distance from your neighbour boats.

The dinghy dock in the fishermans harbour is where the free of charge shopping bus to Vreugdenhil supermarket, leaves Mon-Sat at 8.30 a..m. next to the gate. He returns from the supermarket at 10 a.m. Other shops (Budget, Farmacy, hardware shop etc) are in walking distance of Vreugdenhil and can be reached with the same shopping bus. We were very content with the bus and the supermarket’s extended and very good stock and prices.
Bus to Willemstad number 6A stops at the roundaboud opposite restaurant Pirats Nest. You can only pay the bus fare in Naf, no US dollars! Latest schedule of all busses (change reguarly) at the main Bus station in Willemstad.

Internet: Free Wifi at restaurant Pirat’s Nest and you can use their dingy dock.
We used Digical 4G prepaid SIM card (2017-18 15Gig/month, Naf 75) for the internet. You have to buy the SIM card in Willemstad at the Digicel office on Brion Plein, just across the Pondjes Bridge to the Otrabanda side.

Water boat: Delivery day is Wednesday. Call “Waterboat” at Ch 72 for a delivery on wednesday.

The above info also in Pdf File ABC-Islands, Curacao